Robot Bees

Apis mechanica

Engineers at universities Sussex and Sheffield in England plan to scan the portion of honey bees’ brain having to do with vision and smell and upload them into small, autonomous flying robots.  The scientists are refering to this as the creation of a “Green Brain,” which would allow the robot to improvise decision making, rather than relying on programming.

While the initial idea behind the tiny flying robots is to seek out gas or chemical leaks or to find people trapped in collapsed buildings or mines, it has also been floated that perhaps they could save us all from a world without the honey bee.  With no clear answer and even fewer solutions to Colony Collapse Disorder, and with collany die offs remaining high, isn’t it comforting to have an answer to all our massive food pollination needs?  This raises a number of quesions, not least of which is shouldn’t we try harder to figure out what’s killing the honey bee?  And perhaps the more terrifying scenario – what happens when humanity is overrun by swarms of rogue, autonomous “cybees?”

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