Astronaut Pen

Astronaut Pen                                                                                              Scribo upsidedownis

Writing can be frustrating.   Even more so when you are not seated upright at a desk and the ink stops flowing.  This pressurized pen is designed to write at any angle and even marketed that it can be used in zero gravity.

What is the need for such an item?  Couldn’t you simply just switch to pencil?  Man has an unrequited desire for seemingly simple luxuries and this is just an example.  How often do we find ourselves writing when the ink stops flowing and we think to ourselves, “Gosh, I wish I had an Astronaut Pen?”  I would assume not often.  We live in a material obsessed society.  It’s a status symbol, much like a designer handbag or luxury automobile, the Astronaut Pen lets those around you know, “Look at me, I can spend $50 on a pen.” or “Hey look at me, I am prepared for anything [writing related].”  If I had one, I know I would sleep better at night.

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