Fort Bragg Glas…

Fort Bragg Glass Beach                                                                                                              Litus quisquiliae


    In the early twentieth century the fine residents of Fort Bragg, Ca had made a habit of throwing their garbage (sometimes including whole vehicles) off of a local cliff into the Pacific Ocean– periodically lighting it on fire to reduce its size when it grew too large. Since then, the constant and repetitive beating of water has carried most of the trash from “the dumps” off in to the ocean leaving only the glass from ancient beverages and medicine bottles to speckle and color the ocean shore. This gorgeous man made spectacle has led to a former site of human indecency being transformed into a tourist magnet, earning itself 4 out of 5 stars as well as over eighty reviews on Yelp. This transformation gives hope that no matter what humanity may do to abuse the earth or create mass destruction, time may turn it into just another vacation hot spot. 

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