Ice CREAM                                                 Glacies crepito

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!” Really who can resist the wonderful frozen concoction? Yet the real problem is making the flavor choice: chocolate, vanilla, pumpkin, rocky road?  All the time new flavors but now the decisions even more complex.  At the I Cream Cafe in Chicago, along with a couple other parlors around the country, you can now create a dessert unique to you and have it made instantly from scratch in front of your eyes.  How is this possible if the freezing process takes hours? Well first you make your choice of dessert, dessert base, flavors, mix-ins and even color.  Then a specially modified mixing machine gives your creation a shot of liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze the desert.  Now in a world where people are not spoiled enough we have developed ways to get exactly what we want, when we want by changing up some chemical processes.


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