Wildlife Bridge…

Wildlife Bridge                                                                                                                                  Pons viridis 

        As if driving through Alberta, Canada didn’t seem post-apocalyptic enough the nice folks at the Baniff National Park have put in place 24 (and counting) “wildlife crossings” which at a first glace look like abandoned and overgrown overpasses along the major highways through the park. These bridges serve as band-aids to reattach habitats and animal hunting grounds sliced and diced up by good ole’ human expansion. Since their installation, these bridges have seen heavy traffic from animals which once had a nomadic nature and has relieved the massive stress put on closed system environments, reducing over-grazing and other such flaws in closed habitats. Any improvement to the surrounding animals (about ten species of which are known to commonly use the crossings) is only secondary, of course, as the main purpose for this investment was to stop moose, bears and other large animals from jogging out in front happy motorists on their way to the national park to see these creatures in the wild. 

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