Ancient Ruins & Modern Day Mimes

To expound on the idea of morphological mimicry, we can look to land artist Michael Heizer. Whether or not he acknowledges a visual connection between his earthwork City and the likeness to ancient Mayan ruins, no one can deny its existence. Looking at his artwork on the right, we can easily see a resemblance to these Mayan ruins in Belize.  Most of us who work in creative fields understand that in order to create interesting and enticing works, we need to make informed choices inspired by other artists, history, technology, nature, you name it. As long as we have sources of inspiration and present them with our work, we can mimic and relate to many different forms through visual cues or conceptual thoughts. Unlike insects, we do not call this process “prestigious magic” (Caillois 37) but rather it is one of acknowledging those who have come before us. Perhaps insects are recognizing an evolutionary sequence as well- one in which we clearly know whether the chicken or egg comes first because the morphology speaks to the organism’s habitat.

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