“Music is not just a useful metaphor for understanding higly context-specific relations between living elements within given milieu, it is a literal form by which nature can be understood as dynamic, collective, lived rather than just fixed, categorized, or represented.” – Uexkull

Music is a way to express atmospheres, feelings, thoughts, etc; music is a type of art. Not all artists can represent their art visually on canvas or physically with sculpture. Some artists need to express art by using different types of senses. “Ballet” is a combination of art and music. Ballerinas need to listen to the music, understand the meanings of it, and present the music physically. Ballerinas, through their performance, create “Umwelt” or milieu on the stage. To create milieu, ballerinas require a great understanding of art. Without knowing the meaning of music or art, they cannot create milieus.

 ‘Territory and quality are two sides of the one movement: neither can exist without the resonating of a milieu or region with a rhythm.’ An Estonian biosemiotician Jakob von Uexkul said that each organism is surrounded by Umwelt, ‘island of senses’. In his writings, he describes Umwelt by using an example of ticks. Ballet does not really relate to the life of ticks, however, they both share the same fact which requires senses, atmosphere and time in order to create milieu. Ticks create their territories by using senses; boundaries or atmospheres are highlighted by ballerinas’ senses on stage. Two different species create the boundaries or territories for different purposes, nevertheless, the concepts to create milieus are very similar. All species are always connected through theories on nature. 


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