Guns ‘n Roses

No, we’re not talking about the band. We’re talking about how nicely guns and roses go together- like peas in a pod. Shoot your enemy, let his mom place roses on his grave. This pair does not quite connect in the same manner that an animal looks like a plant but nonetheless a relationship can be made. While Caillois speaks of a visual resemblance and morphological mimicry between animals and plants, guns and roses relate to each other in numerous ways. First, let us admire the ways in which animals are able to morphologically blend in with their surroundings. Insect wings can play visual tricks on us to appear as one shape in one direction and look like something completely different from another angle, bodies change colors to camouflage into the woods, and butterflies appear to not even exist in certain situations. These relationships help animals survive amongst the plants and predators they live on and around. Most connections seem to be necessary in order to perpetuate life; however, on the other hand, the link between guns and roses frequently arises from death. Yet, as the image above shows, we might like to think that we could project roses instead of bullets from guns. If this were the case, war would not be dangerous but a sea of sweet fragrance and bright color. We might begin to look at the world differently and figure out a way to use nature to solve problems instead of exacerbating killing our natural environment through war and violence. Maybe animals wouldn’t need to mimic their surroundings any longer and distinctly unique species could survive out in the open?

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  1. Zoey M says:

    Hello ,
    I wanted to know if i can use this picture ?

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