Let’s talk about that…

Immigration, economy, environment. Did you say Presidential Debates 2012? Well, yes, in fact. The candidates for president in this year’s election make their cases as eloquently as their cryptic bickering allows. We could have our own argument about whether or not Romney’s plan is applicable here or how Obama’s plan is superior there. We could go on and on indefinitely if we were speaking to the right person. But let’s discuss what might become the most quoted sentence from this evening’s debate. Romney: “I’ve got binders full of women.”

Yes. BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN. Tonight, behold a new internet meme in the making.

We love internet memes, we surf the web for hours laughing at one iteration to the next. Do we think it is our nature to take something and run with it until it becomes so overdone that we can’t possibly perceive something new from it? It begins from a comment made by an individual who never imagines his/her words interpreted in such a manner and then continues to be manipulated in any which way anyone can dream. Is our interpretation of words so delusional that we are just waiting for the next hilarious thing to be said so that we can make fun of it on the internet and provide a quick laugh to those waiting? Maybe we actually are trying to do something more intellectual and present another side to an argument. Possibly we perceive words in different ways and want to explain our ideas. Well, hopefully there’s more to memes than a good laugh, or maybe the good laugh will bring about new thoughts. After all, laughter has many health benefits, including energizing the brain. So let’s all laugh a while at Romney’s Binder Full of Women facebook page, tumblr, and who knows what else has been created so far?

P.S. Didn’t even see the post below before I wrote this but clearly we all love our memes!

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