Science Museum



Museum of Science

People live with different types of science everyday: biology, physics, chemistry, etc. However, it is hard to visualize some scientific features unless people interact with the features through labs or experiences. However, there is a place you can always intermingle with science using all senses: a science museum.

The museum’s task is to enable visitors to experience and to discover science by using various senses. Museum provides interactive displays or artifacts relating to science and especially to young children, those are the effective methods to study science since they engage all senses. “They become ‘things’ in front of us only when they have become covered by all the sensory envelopes that the island of the senses can give them” (Uexkull) Science is involved in our lives every single day and every single occasions, however, we do not fully understand the concept until sensory envelops are involved. Not only with science but also with other categories, such as baking, requires senses to comprehend.  Thanks to a place such as science museum, we can comprehend science better because we can significantly use our senses. Museum is a place where something actually becomes ‘things’.


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