Manslaughter for failing to predict earthquake

Manslaughter for failing to predict earthquake                                     concussio all your fault

Italian scientists guilty of manslaughter after failing to predict L’Aquila quake; face 6 years in prison

Science meets fiction or fiction meets science?  Italian scientists are facing up to 50 years in prison after they “failed” to predict a 2009 quake that killed 309 people.  How can this be?  Is it not common knowledge, that even given the advancements in technology today, that it is impossible to predict such an event?  I guess not.  The doppler radar allowed for the advanced warning in tornadic events, but the ability to accurately warn for an earthquake has remained elusive.  The field has made many advancements in recent years, but every field has its limits.  Possibly the field of seismology has reached its limit? or at least it has with what technology is available.  The idea of scientists being prosecuted for ultimately not having the technology and tools needed to predict such an event is ludicrous.  I get that people are mad and since we live in a world where we demand blame be placed upon someone, these scientists are the scapegoat.  It is a frivolous case and in reality it is no ones fault.  It is unfortunate that people perished in the quake, but it is an act of Mother Nature, maybe she should stand trial?  Who knows, she might actually show up for it.

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