Poor Produce Production

Poor Produce Production

pauper proventum productio

According to the James Beard Foundation, “13 million more acres of farmland would be required to produce enough fruit and vegetables for the daily diets of all Americans to meet US Department of Agriculture nutrition guidelines.” The figure is based on the average ton(s) of product per acre. It is also interesting to note that the United States currently imports 30 percent of our fresh fruits.

Clearly the American diet is an unbalanced one, lacking sufficient consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables – but as more Americans adopt a “green” lifestyle the average diet may evolve, and our food consumption could become more balanced and healthy. For that to happen sustainably, our agricultural system must find a way to close the gap in production, decreasing imports and promoting local in-season foods. Perhaps urban farming could provide an efficient method of doing so without having to find 13 million acres of arable land.


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