SMOG EATING STREET                                                                                            Via carnivora












Chicago has something new to boast about.  Forget having the [former] tallest building in the world, or being the world headquarters for numerous Fortune 500 companies.  It is now all about “out-greening” the other.  Chicago recently debuted the greenest street in America.  The street will be laid with photocatalytic cement, which will eat the smog from the air.  Besides smog eating paving, using permeable surfaces, up to 80% of the rainwater will be diverted from the city’s sewers and allowed to percolate into the ground.  (, Halverson, Nic, 10/16/2012)

The project runs through the heart of the Pilsen neighborhood, which is a spot heavily occupied by smog producing trucks.  In a first of its kind for the city, this project is sure to garner a lot of attention.  How will this affect a neighborhood already in the process of gentrification?  It is sure to speed up the process.  More people will want to venture there to see first had the new enhancements, thus generating more people that will want to stay permanently.  Property values will increase along with rent and business.  The neighborhood will see an economic boom, but at what cost?

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