Concrete Jungle

We’ve all probably heard of New York City referred to as the “Concrete Jungle” before, or at least any large city getting this nickname. When we look at the image above or photographs of compact megalopolises frequently we don’t see too many parks or open spaces within the confines of downtown. Although most cities boast about their parks, many more invite further exploration of their concrete quarters instead. Housed within concrete, glass, metal, and stone a vast array of exciting opportunities await visitors, residents and daily commuters. Yet, in the middle of this mess that comprises New York, a moment of respite lies within massive Central Park. It seems as if Frederick Law Olmsted predicted the incredible increase of this city over 150 years ago and prepared inhabitants for a future devoid of nature except in his masterpiece of naturalistic beauty.  Wandering around the park, you become lost amongst trees, fields of open grass and picturesque ponds and might even wonder if this land was left in its natural state as the city exploded skyward around it. Olmsted worked what sounds like magic to us today by moving thousands, no, millions of horse cartloads of earth around to create the picture perfect image of nature and city open space that Central Park stands for today. But upon immediate return to the concrete jungle, one once again becomes led astray into the tangle of tall buildings. Commerce leads the way and all the enjoyment of your moment with nature quickly fades away.

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