Greedy Nature of Social Network

Social Network, such as Facebook, is a huge trend these days. Facebook not only helped users connect and reconnect with friends, to find old friends, or to meet new people. Plus, Facebook help companies to promote their name throughout the world. Internet network, at first, sponsored games, programs, applications, or “pages” for free. However, a huge number of companies started to promote their products by charging the users.

One online article explained how the business owner could not reach out his customers anymore as much as he wanted to because Facebook started charging customers. Since Facebook became a public company, private investments started to back it up and companies tried searching for ways to make money. Therefore, Facebook limited the access to products by making customers pay. I did face this problem when I was playing an online game on Facebook. If I want to continue to the next level, I had to pay.

Not only Facebook but also in any other products, such as diet products, want to make money; users want products so they pay regardless of the price. This cycle happens in anywhere everywhere. People are always greedy no matter what they say. Once someone finds out that they can makes money out of it, they will charge in any ways, even if the target is a little kid.

Event though the type of networks, media or brain, is different, they are always connected by one network.

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