Trampoline Bridge

Trampoline Bridge                                                                                  Robustus Pondem


Why just walk, ride, or drive across a bridge when you can bounce?  Imagine bouncing midair to cross a river.  Architects at Parisian firm Atelier Zundel Cristea made it possible to envision this trampoline bridge.  To them it is all about admiring the city at the bridge level, and how better to do it then upside down.  Their proposal calls for a series of three Seine-spanning inflatable trampolines.  The idea would be that the users would bounce across one side of the Seine to the other, that is if they want to stop having fun bouncing to get to their destination.  Not only would this be the first one of its kind, it is apparently eco-friendly as well.  Why not, when it is inflatable requiring minimal construction or deconstruction and little impact on its surrounding environment.  So knowing all that, what could be the harm? Imaginatively entertaining, innovative, and eco-friendly, sounds too good to be true.  Just be careful not to bounce off…


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