Color Pencil Tree

Color Pencil Tree                                                                                 Color Pincello Arbor


Artist and designer Dave Rittinger’s newest proposal for a public art installation is the ‘Color Pencil Tree’ currently featured in Designboom.  The idea is to rework the tree branches to transform into “colored drawing tools”.  Rittinger would like to use ideas such as this to re-purpose existing trees into works of art within parks instead of removing them for reserve redesigns.

Rittiger states in regards to his project:

My work is often playful, colorful and incorporates a sort of metaphorical blending of objects and function, so the fact that pencils are made of trees just made perfect sense. I really liked the idea of morphing the raw material into an embodiment of manufactured product at this exaggerated scale.’

When the photo was shared on Facebook, not necessarily knowing his intention, there were mixed reviews on the image.  Comments included negative views such as “poor tree”, “disturbing…I hate this has nothing to do with the ‘poor tree’ I just think it’s ugly!”, and “Tree is in pain 😦 ”.  Also included were, “It is beautiful and so very creatively clever…”, “Ingenious!”, and “Wow!”  While finding artistic inspiration in trees that would otherwise be chopped down, some find it innovative and others have a feeling of wrong doing by taking apart a tree and stripping it away to transform its identity.  Is this what it has come down to in order to “save” a tree?


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