Connected Lighting

Connected Lighting                                                                                                         Lux Ignavus














Society moves one step closer towards idiocracy with the dawn of ‘connected lighting’.  This product uses LED bulbs and your internet connection to give you the ability, wait for it…to turn your lights on or off with your mobile device.  1. If you are too lazy to get up and walk to the switch, or 2. If you are already in another room and realized you didn’t flip the switch.  Forget getting in the simplest of cardio by actually getting off the couch to do so, turn to your phone or tablet device and swipe your finger across a screen.  Presto, the lights are off.  If you are not part of the 21st century and do not have a tablet or smartphone, not to worry, the device comes with a remote. The company, Greenwave Reality touts how green the device is because of its LED bulbs.  Even if the product were as ‘green’ as the company likes to claim, the energy required to produce and to use the system is not so.  Multiple pieces are required to complete the network.  You have the system itself, internet, mobile device, electricity, etc.  How can one justify such a product, knowing its greater carbon footprint?

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