Fashionable Leaves

Fashionable Leaves                                                                                Fashionable Folia


Fashion trend alert!  These shirts put on a whole new meaning to eco-conscious fashion designs.  Organic plant fibers ain’t got nothing on these shirts made from various types of leaves straight from Mother Nature herself.  Shown in a variety of colors, these v-necks can be assembled and then easily dissembled to go right back into the earth.  Stiff yet sleek, this line of clothing was created by Dave Rittinger with a series of five, what he calls, “zero footprint shirts: leaf series”.   However these shirts aren’t only making a fashion statement in Rittinger’s eyes.  While it is all about taking on environmental consciousness, he tries to show in a beautiful and artistic way the unrealistic nature of some of the extremes.  As the green revolution becomes more and more popular it is important to take note and differentiate the valuable and innovative from the ridiculous and impractical.


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