How fitting that a horrific storm — Hurricane Sandy — has arrived just in time for Halloween? All the little east coast children this year unfortunately won’t be donning their costumes and heading out for candy tomorrow. But perhaps what’s more frightening is the fact that this storm has occurred in the first place. Or maybe that our upcoming presidential election might be jeopardized due to the aftermath of Sandy. Either way, this  is certainly an historic event for the east coast of the United States. Even though this hurricane was only a category 1 storm, we have seen that it has caused massive damage to this highly populated region of the country. We also can see how our country handles clean up and devastation in the coming days. Already, however, it seems we are more equipped to fight back to nature than some smaller, developing nations that lack advanced infrastructure systems. Yet, regardless of sophisticated technology, some of our country’s most powerful cities have been knocked on their knees and are forced to wait out nature’s rage.

The combination of a cold front from the west and the hurricane from the Atlantic caused quite the ruckus. All the meteorologists, scientists and reporters keep discussing the late arrival of such a storm as well as its unprecedented size. Most likely, we’ve all been aware of the impending doom weather events continue to cause, and each year they seem to be more severe and more frequent. I wonder, is it true that these occurrences really are more extreme than what has happened in history? Or do we just find out more about them due to our technological advances? Or, always looming in the background is global warming and the nasty effects we as a massive population have on the environment. So, this storm might be another reminder that we need to reconsider our actions and seriously invest in research regarding climate change… and hey, maybe even elect a President that believes its a concern worth investigating?!

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