Plus Pool

After this major storm, New Yorkers might not need to go to a specific destination for a swim because they’ll probably be swimming whether they like it or not once they try to step foot out their front doors. Soon enough, the storm waters will subside, winter will squeak along and then the millions of inhabitants of the five boroughs will be eagerly awaiting their chance to swim alongside one of the most famous skylines in the world. An idea that began perhaps as a bit of a joke has been taking serious steps towards reality in the past few months and hopefully as of 2015, New Yorkers and visitors from far and wide will have their chance to swim atop another much larger body of water. It’s somewhat ironic that one would need a clean, chlorinated swimming pool to consider swimming in the Hudson River, water that is readily available. But this water is far from enticing to jump in, and that’s one of the main reasons the designers behind Plus Pool want to create this floating device. In a Fast Company design article, they claim that their pool will help filter water into the Hudson River that eventually should work towards making the water safer. This design combines ingenuity, novelty and maybe even prosperity to the ecosystem of the Hudson River if it can greatly ameliorate conditions in the water.


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