The beauty of natural catastrophes



People get terrified with natural catastrophes, for example, tornadoes, because we never expect what will happen in the aftermath. On Monday, October 30 2012, a giant tornado reached northeastern U.S. region. This rare tornado brought heavy rains and very windy which blew out the power lines, trees, homes, cars, etc.
People fear, and at the same time get fascinated by the beauty created by natural catastrophes. Although this is picture was photo shopped and fake, people still were awestruck by the mesmerizing scene created by natural disasters. People even risk their lives to go out in the natural catastrophes and capture the rare enthralling moments. People always try to reach for something that they cannot achieve. This natural instinct occurs even with when chasing someone. When someone finds out that he/she can’t get who she wants, the person ends up chasing for the person until they get the other. People will always want reach for something until they capture the thing they want; that’s the natural instinct.

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