Vertical Garden

Stacking Green by Vo Trong Nghia

In the near future, there might be a rule saying every new residence requires a green garden somewhere in the house. This house in Vietnam incorporated a design of a vertical green garden as a façade. Not only did the garden help us to have better ventilation but also can achieve natural daylight throughout the whole building. The architect designed in a radical comprehension of the green garden, however, managed to accomplish a great example to represent architecture in a Vietnam way to deal with nature.
Vietnam deals with problems in energy and electricity, which can stop for several times a day. The architect, Vo Trong Nghia, tried to figure out the ways to solve the problems and came up with the garden façade idea. Nghia said Vietnam is developing rapidly but should not follow western architectural styles because climate is entirely different. Europe, especially Germany leads the ‘passive house’ system. However, some requirements do not fit in other countries like Vietnam. This achievement will help other countries to realize how individual countries need adjustments, and how to create their own ways to deal with nature.

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