Zoo Walls


If you were worried about whether or not you’d be able to make it to the zoo, don’t fear, the zoo will come to the side of your building. Yet, your animal friends might not be too happy stuck in their little carcels for hours on end. They just look depressed lying, plastered to the side of the wall. This might actually be the way the animals feel inside their cages at zoos too for all we know. We think that we know what’s best for everything but quite frequently, we truly have no idea and just make educated guesses. But maybe animals, just as us human animals, need to get used to living in smaller spaces and forget the vast open spaces we once thought of as nature. If we appreciate only a little image of nature here and there, we could potentially learn new things and look at the world in a different manner. So let’s pretend for a minute, like we know what animals are thinking and believe that these creatures (that aren’t really living creatures at all) are in fact very excited and happy about their new environment!

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