Augmented Reality


Augmentata Realitatem (7 minute film worth a look)

 Augmented Reality  

Technology has given us many great advancements to dominate and alter our environment, or milieu. Soon, our milieu is about to become digital. Augmented reality is on the horizon as a means of enhancing our environment and possibly forever changing how we interact with the world. 

Augmented Reality by definition is “a technology that superimposes a computer generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view”. 

Soon cell phones will become another lens for viewing our environment and enhancing our milieu. Wonder how long those leftovers have been in the fridge? There will be an augmented reality app for that. What is this that I am looking at? Your augmented reality app will tell you.  

As technology gets smaller and smaller, tiny computers could be placed into a contact lens like the video above and soon the line of human and machine will be blurred. A walk in the woods will become inundated with information and  then our sense of nature will be gone and the world will lose its mystery. 

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