Deep Sea Repository

Sculptura vitae


It has been said that science fiction is the most optimistic of all writing genres in that it assumes that mankind has a future at all.  Appearing a kind of extraterrestrial anomaly, the Hornsleth Deep Storage Project seems that precise kind of optimism authors write of.  The above pictured 8m square cast iron sculpture is 1 in a series of 10 similar sculptures to be distributed across the face of the globe.  Contained within it’s spiky branches are DNA, hair, blood, and leaf samples from humans and endangered plants and animals across the planet.  The project is inspired by similar works such as the Svalbard Seed Bank, all of which aim to preserve some of this world’s biological diversity in the event of apocalyptic conditions.  While it may seem like a stretch, hopes are that some advanced species will eventually unravel the mystery of the sculpture and through cloning technology, repopulate the globe.

While optimistic and created under the best of intentions, who’s to say such an act should be done.  Assuming our end is met through some internal means, be it warfare or ecological negligence  why should the future order of life on this planet cater to our being.  Is there a three strike rule for existence on planet Earth?


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