Given that today is Election Day, I find it fitting to write an entry pertaining to it.  Now I am not here to sway any of you last minute undecided voters.  After all, we are in Illinois; we know how our state goes.  However, I stumbled across this bumper sticker today on my walk to class and was fascinated by it.  What a great play on words.  Those of you that know me know I have an affinity for them, however tacky they may be.  Sure it is speaking directly to the Latino community as a drive to get out and vote, and when doing so for Obama.  But it is playful.  Leaving the he said she said mentality and political bashing behind; Obamanos is a simple and concise phrase.  Hispanic or non-Hispanic alike, everyone can appreciate it for what it is.  Well, maybe not all of us.

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