Magnetic Rail


 When you want to travel to other states, what kind of transportation device do you use? There are many options such as cars, bike, the mega bus, or the Amtrak. However, all of them require a long time to travel. When you are required to travel as quickly as possible, all those options are not the best choices.  However, if the magnetic rail gets constructed any time soon, all the travelling time will be dramatically shortened.

 The MagLev Rails Company is trying to construct magnetic rails also known as Super Train or MagLev throughout the U.S.A.  If this train runs any time soon, the world transportation system will change spectacularly. Every rider can travel to other states faster. Not only that, the train will help the environment go greener; this magnetic rail system incorporates the use of a magnetic field instead of oil. This train uses the scientific principles to its maximum and tries to omit less CO2 as possible.  Plus, the price of the ticket is a lot cheaper than the airplane sometimes; double the benefits!

Not only does this train try to be more eco-friendly, but cars are starting to follow this trend too. There are cars with solar panels embedded on its roofs and use solar energy to run the car. Hopefully in the near future, there will be more eco-friendly products to be manufactured and help the world go greener, and help the riders travel faster and cheaper. 

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