Vertical landscape towers


Landscape was always considered as something that develops horizontally. Even the idea of sustainability was thought in a horizontal way.  However, because of the way we treat the land, we currently have less open spaces left. Nowadays, architects and designers started illustrating the shift in their idea of horizontality to verticality.

“Gardens by the Bay” in Singapore won the World Building of the Year from World Architecture Festival 2012. The architect from Wilkinson Eyer Architects, Paul Barker, designed a vertical plant in order to create a ‘dramatic shift’ in landscape.  Gardens by the Bay is a gigantic tropical garden, which includes tree-like towers; Supertree Grove.  Supertree Grove is an artificial “plant” which is a 25 to 50 meter high concrete –constructed vertical plant surrounded by climbing plants. Barker said that Singapore is a country where plants DO grow and how vertical planting is required in the world. By putting things in the air, we can conserve open green areas on land, still create landscape architecture, AND help the world go green.


The style and idea on landscape architecture is shifting very dramatically and quickly; the way we see the world and how we deal with it is changing too. We have to value the limited sources we have and try to improve the environment efficiently. Maybe the idea of vertical plants will help us see the world differently for the future. 

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