All Natural

All Natural                                                                                                    Omnia Naturalia


Imagine going to the grocery store to pick up food and seeing a label stating “genetically engineered”, would that prevent you from buying it?  If not anything else, it would at least make you think twice.  Although the mandate of labeling GM foods was unsuccessful in the states of Vermont and Connecticut, it is currently in the process of being voted on in California.  If Proposition 37 is approved, that would require food manufactures to label all products that are genetically modified or crops that are genetically engineered, by law.  The process is meant to create a product that would be tolerant to herbicides, and become disease- or pest-resistant by adding a new trait into the organism.  Although the companies are not required to label their products unless they have a significant amount of altered nutritional properties, the FDA does encourage them to do so.  Ultimately it is a decision that is supported by those that want to be aware of what they are putting in their bodies.  By altering these foods you are changing their natural quality.  It is a question of what may be unnatural may not be healthy.  For those reasons the terms “all natural” and “naturally made”, among others, are banned from GM food labels and advertisements.


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