Alternative Map Projections


The rectilinear system is one of few things that are undeniably human.  Straight lines  and ninety degree corners help us order, manipulate, and conveniently analyze immense amounts of information.  When imposing this system on nature, however, organic systems tend to revolt against the crisp ease of the grid.    A particular problem that has plagued civilization from it’s earliest moments is the representation of our world upon a two dimensional plane.

We define so much of our existence by geography.  Little ink lines on rectangular pages have sent millions of men off to die, have brought great fortunes into the arms of developers, and every four years they dictate the course of American politics.  How would foreign and domestic policy be dictated if the world were percieved by Gringorten’s projection (above)?  Our popular perception of this world is dictated by the efficiency that certain datum could be collected.  What if the important data is redefined?


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