Pigeon Carriers

Pigeon Carriers                                                                                  Columbam Portarent


Although most of us see pigeons more as a nuisance then a threat, apparently the Communist Party in China sees otherwise.  Among other things being banned by President Hu Jintao for the five-yearly Congress, such as the world “death” and “die” from all songs on television, pigeons are also being restricted and will not be allowed to fly for the time being.  Apparently, it is though that pigeons would hurt their “image of harmony”.  To the Chinese, raising pigeons is a common hobby but at the same time they have also been used in the past as a method of rebellion.  Back in the 1990s, protestors would use their pigeons to carry slogans by tying ribbons with messages to their feet and releasing them to the air.  Almost visually creating an image similar to that of a , nature’s advertisement.  Pigeons have never been so controversial or important for that matter, in eyes of politics.  As Hu Jia put it best, “Don’t you think this is absurd? They’ve reached a new level of psychosis.”


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