Furby                                                              pilosus creatura


They’re Baaack!  The modern day solution to living, breathing, licking, eating and pooping house pets is back on the market.  First introduced in the 90’s this gibberish talking sensation stole the harts of little ones everywhere.  Parents quickly caved in to purchase the pet that they finally wouldn’t have to clean up after.  Looking forward to some peace and quiet from their children’s nagging for their very own pet, the Furby flew off the shelf.  What they didn’t know is that from the first time the batteries went in out came the almost non-stop gibberish language of the Furby.  While cute at first, after a day parents were getting ready to hide the new “pet” in the closet, which of course still didn’t block the singing.  Now with more “realistic” led screen eyes that show emotion the Furby is new and improved.  With round 1 clearly going to the real life pets, we’ll see how long these fuzzy creatures make it in round 2.


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