Dog Lamp



Dogs delight people’s day; no matter how uneventful your day was, pets always brighten up your day. It is literally different from electricity, which also brightens up people too. What if a dog and electricity are combined together and make you and your day brighter?

Fiona Thomson, local artist, combined a dog and a lamp together, and created a dog-shaped lamp. It has a glass shade for a head and the body of a dog. “Each piece embodies hidden technology, transforming an ornamental object into a functional and practical object. Or as I like to say intelligence beneath the elegance.” Thomson believed that emerging a dog and a lamp could be elegant, ornamental and functional in various ways at the same time.  However, why did she have to chop off a dog’s head and replace it with light? It is understandable that she has her own interpretation of art, however, is it necessary to take dog’s head?

It is just art; however, it depicts the way humans treat animals. Human always dominate over other animals and control them however they like.  We have animals as our friends, but also as pets. We control their life, even though we say ‘pets’ are ‘friends’.

Humans always want to be on the top of the pyramid; we even want to control our “friends’” lives. 

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