“A modern revolutionary group heads for the television station.”- Abbie Hoffman

These days, technology has advanced up to the point where everything we do and everywhere we live relies on the technology.  Occasionally, we spend a whole day without interacting with nature, but just stay at home and interact with technology. For example, watch a movie on the computer.  However, there is a group of people who can’t stand spending their life without an interaction with nature; Hippies.

The Hippies cultural movement started off as an anti- Vietnam War movement to promote love, peace and nature.  Nowadays, they are known for their way of dressing very freely, even to the point where they are close to naked, and live their life close to nature as much as possible. Not only in America, but in other countries, for example Japan, promotes their unique dressing style. “Mori-style” or “forest style” is a style which girls dress up as if they are ‘fairies’ in the forest.

The Hippies’ interpretation of intermingle with nature is becoming close to being naked, which is very simple and straightforward, yet defines the basic principle of human relationship with nature. Adam and Eve were both naked and interacted with the natural environment. Personally, I think the hippie style is a modern interpretation of Adam and Eve.  Adam and Eve did not need any technology to live, therefore, in my opinion, considered as hippies. Some actions hippies’ take are not impressive, however, the fact that they try to go back to nature is something we might have to look into.


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