Algae Oil

Algae Oil                                                                                                                Algae Oleum


Algae-derived fuel has officially hit the pumps!  The gas station chain Propel is now working with Solazyme, the algal fuel creator, to sell “Soladiesel” beside normal diesel to see how it will do in a span of one month.  The new fuel has twenty percent algae oil meaning that this will cost customers more however for a trial period they are seeing how customers react to it being in the market.

In other news, drillers in Utah and Colorado have uncovered a massive shale deposit.  It is said to be so large that it would swamp OPEC, “equal to the entire world’s proven oil reserves”.  This is a great find, numerically 3 trillion barrels worth of oil, meaning we won’t need to depend on finding alternative fuel after all.


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