Dead Ants

In a moment of inspiration, my father purchased an ant farm for me and told me to get familiar with nature now that I am in school for landscape architecture. Well, I’ve got news for everyone. I am not such a good ant caregiver. In a matter of three weeks, half of the ants have died. Frequently, I forget about them and leave them alone for the better part of the week. But then on any given morning that I actually venture to the table for breakfast, I remember them and attempt to revive their lives. This morning was a case in point scenario… except, only half of the little creatures starting frantically moving again when I dropped in a teeny piece of celery and drips of water. The other half, have created their own above-sand graveyard and are all piled on top of one another. The live ants pushed their way through and trampled on top of the dead to race towards the food. But as you can see, I had given them bits of apple and carrots previously and they didn’t even eat all! Maybe that’s what killed the weaklings, over consumption and moldy food. Is it my fault? Perhaps so, after all the instructions did tell me to remove any uneaten food… but really? I say survival of the fittest and let them figure out how to make do on their own.

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