Pepto Bismol Lakes

Pepto Bismol Lakes                                                                                                    Rosea Lacus


Unlike the green river in Chicago every St. Patrick’s Day, pink lakes found globally aren’t manmade.  The permanent rose pink color, in most cases, is due to large quantities of salt and algae.  They say it is also very healthy for lung diseases and the skin.  At Hutt Lagoon, which is also a red or pink hue because of the presence of the carotenoid-producing algae Dunaliella salina , a source of B-carotene, which is a food-coloring agent and source of vitamin A.

These large sources of pink water would be fascinating to any visitor or any little girl who loves the color.  With the possibility of creating color within the landscape, permanent ones for that matter, it is a wonder why there aren’t more pink bodies of water.  Maybe it is not as widespread yet but as sure as the green river is in Chicago in March, there is a future in colorful permanent manmade landscapes.


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