Pineapple 2.0                                                                                                     Ananas facticius 

Be it from casual conversation or due to the necessity to choose pizza toppings, there is only one fruit that, for me, has lead to heated arguments. The Pineapple, natures most controversial fruit. This herbaceous perennial seems to be a food that very few are on the fence about. Second only to bananas as America’s favorite tropical fruit (Take that, Mango!), the juicy sweet-tart flavor can be a part of any meal– from a few plain slices with toast for breakfast to a sweet pineapple jello after dinner.

The one thing most can agree on about pineapples, though, is that they’re near impossible to cut with confidence. Luckily, the nice folks at “Tastymatic” have found a solution (well, outside of learning a new skill of cutting it yourself, that is)– The Pine-o-Matic! With the Pine-o-Matic, you can have your fresh pineapple sliced and diced while you watch! For only a couple dollars this compact in-store system churns out a beautifully uniform product, leaving behind the useless variation and endless hassle of the old pineapple (and with only a 20% increase of wasted edible material).

Stand back world, here comes Pineapple 2.0

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