Distant Earth

Forty-two light years away, a newly discovered planet about seven times the mass of earth is currently orbiting its host star in the habitable ‘goldilocks’ zone. Scientists believe that the planet is far enough away to hold liquid water and also have a night and day phase.

The similarities and parallels of this planet with our own are intriguing. If the planet does sustain life then it wouldn’t be farfetched to assume that life and subsequently ‘nature’ must be brimming around the galaxy and our universe.

I find it to be a fascinating thought of what life on another planet might look like. Would the sky be blue? Would the plants use photosynthesis and be green? Would life use amino acids and DNA to organize itself? What would nature be to them?

It seems to me that at this cusp of space exploration we need to expand our concept of nature to extra-terrestrial environments. Soon we may be creating a Buffon encyclopedia for other planets and solar systems. Time will only tell I suppose, but to ponder the thought of extra-terrestrial environments and what they may be like is quite enthralling and invigorating!

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