Doomsday Preppers

The end is nigh! Repent your sins!

In just one month’s time the world as we know it will be over. The Mayans along with several other ancient civilizations have predicted a change or end of the world occurring sometime around the winter solstice of this year. Will it be over? Will nature just cease to exist?

Probably not; life has a funny way of going on, but to all the doomsday preparers out there it is no laughing matter. Preparing for the ‘end times’ is more popular than ever culminating in a nice primetime tv slot on the national geographic channel. These fanatics of doomsday and dystopia are currently stockpiling weapons, water, and yearly supplies of food. Watching the show makes me feel like I am way behind the 8 ball on this matter with only a month to go.

However, I think the reality is that the earth most likely will just not end on a specific date. It will probably be a much more drawn out and miserable process of famine, water shortage, and heat stroke from our boiling atmosphere.

The end of nature and the earth is probably nigh, when exactly? No one can tell you, and anyone who tries to sell you on the exact date is nothing more than a snake oil salesman who also wants you to hand over all your money so you will beguaranteed a spot on the hale bop comet when it passes by again. Maybe it is time to at least consider to assemble a bug-out pack though.


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