Rx Bandits!

Prescription drugs are extremely prevalent in our society today. Feeling down? have a pill. Got legs that wont stop shaking? have a pill. Can’t get an erection? yea, there’s a pill for that too. It would seem that there is a pill for just about every condition or problem you could think of now a days. What happens to these (man)ufactured miracle workers?

After exiting your endocrine system the active chemical compounds from the pills remain intact and pass through the wastewater filtration system without a hitch leaving our entire water system contaminated with trace amounts of hormones, anti-depressants, and muscle relaxers.

With the pharmaceutical industry growing at an alarming rate with increasing clout, budgets, and advertising dollars our water ways and drinking water systems could be severely compromised for future generations of not just humans, but also for animals as well. A serious consideration for the reduction of pharmacological prevalence is needed.


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