Take a drive anywhere across the flyover country of the contiguous United States and you won’t be able to go very far without seeing several tall white structures spinning in the air. These modern-day windmills harness the energy of the wind and turn it into useable mechanical energy to power our homes and businesses. While being a source of clean and renewable energy, they are met with some pessimism and opposition.

One source of such opposition is that they affect property values of nearby real estate. A large wind farm off Cape Cod has been delayed to the effect the wind farm would have on the view of the ocean. In more rural areas, however, less opposition has been voiced over wind farms.

Wind farms have been known to kill bats and birds engendering an argument for animal sympathizers. However, climate change due to high fossil fuel energy consumption is considered to be more of a deleterious cause to avian deaths than wind turbines.

Wind farms are the wave of the future in terms of energy. With most energy projects good and bad must be weighed, and with our rising demand of energy, wind farms’ good outweigh the bad.

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