Caviar Vending Machine

Caviar Vending Machine                                               Machina piscisovumImagine – you’re at the mall, you’ve been shopping for hours for furs and diamonds, as one does, and you’re famished.  You wander to the food court, but Sparro’s Pizza and Orange Julius certainly won’t fulfill your desire for a nibble. No, you’re more caviar than french fry, clearly.  Luckily, Beverly Hills Caviar has had the good sense to fill this niche market.  In three vending machines, spread out over Los Angeles, you can now purchase Imperial River Beluga Caviar for $500 an ounce.  You may delicately nibble it off of a $4.00 pink mother of pearl spoon, also available for purchase at the same vending machine.  I, for one, will sleep better at night knowing this exists in the world.


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