10,000 Year Clock

10,000 Year Clock

Giving a new twist to the engineering feat that is time keeping, Texas engineers have begun the construction of a very special clock.  While modern watches track time in minutes, seconds, and hours, the 10,000 year clock ticks in increments of years with the small hands measuring centuries.  The prototype, featured above, is to be replicated at a monumental scale, carved into a mountainside to test, literally and figuratively, the test of time.

While a fascinating achievement, the clock may prove an exercise in futility.  Over the course of 10,000 years of cosmic activity the odds of the clock keeping accurate time, or for that matter meaningful time, is slim.  What is the point of measuring the passage of the Earth about it’s sun when 10,000 years of astronomical variables stand before the goal?  The very nature of time and the way we measure it isn’t a constant and in 10,000 years time it’s likely to come up for change.



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