Give a Hoot, or Where Are Your Priorities?

When Hostess recently announced that they were closing their plants, and ceasing all production of such snack cake favorites as the Twinkie and Cupcake, a sizable portion of the US went up in arms.  Twitter was atweet, Facebook filled with posts and comments desperately calling for salvation, the internet suddenly filled with snack flavored memes galore and in general, the public was aghast.  How did we get to this grim place, this mad, mad horrible future we all face, a future WITHOUT TWINKIES?!  But really, why do so many people care about this, when our very existence, our comfortable, AC-cooled, fossil-fueled lifestyle may very well be at stake?  How do you make people care?  How do you go about depoliticizing the scientific facts that suggest that our planet is warming at an alarming rate, that it’s probably a direct result of the stuff we do, that extinctions happen daily, that the coasts and some small islands are in danger of being flooded out of existence, that we are, in fact, mucking things up very badly?

I just don’t know.  Pass the Twinkies.

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