Instruments of Destruction

Instruments of Destruction                                     Exitium instrumentum

Imagine your community is consumed by violence.  Imagine that thousands of your friends, family and neighbors are affected by this violence.  How can an artist make a small step towards a positive change?  What can he do to not only reclaim some of the means of death and violence, but to then turn it into something beautiful, an affirmation?  Pedro Reyes, based in Mexico City, has taken guns which were previously used in violent crime, and turned them into working instruments.  He says this of his project, entitled Imagine, “It’s difficult to explain but the transformation was more than physical. It’s important to consider that many lives were taken with these weapons; as if a sort of exorcism was taking place the music expelled the demons they held, as well as being a requiem for lives lost.”  There is something powerful and peotic about taking things that cause so much pain and turning them in to instruments, things that are capable of producing joy and beauty.

Via the artist’s blog:



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