LED Shoes


Do you want to travel to the city and not get lost? Here is a great invention called “No Place Like Home” shoes. Thanks to British designer Dominic Wilcox, you can now walk around anywhere without getting lost because these shoes have a built-in GPS system. Wherever you go, these shoes will always guide you back to the location of your home. They will assist you back home even if you are visiting somewhere you have never been.

The negative side of wearing these shoes is that you will start losing your interest in exploration. It is understandable that you want to go home safely as soon as possible. However, all the small things that occur around you, like the seasons changing will just pass on by without you noticing. Small flowers that have just blossomed, birds chirping in the sun, the diversity of people in the city all go unnoticed if you only focus on these shoes and its functions. Our innovations have already started to disconnect us from the environment and these shoes will fasten this separation. It will help you get home faster and safer, however, it might not be as bad as you think to walk around with maps and explore nature and the city that you live in.


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