“Naturalistic” T-shirt


“I like to explore the borders and crossing points of architecture, music and fashion.Since my graduation project I’ve been obsessed with triangles and I’m now working on a second prototype based on body movement.”

-Pauline Marcombe

Human beings always want involve themselves with something ‘natural’.   We want to be surrounded by nature, even want to feel the nature by being wrapped by it. Pauline Marcombe, a French designer, has designed a wooden T-shirt.  Her T-shirt, Prototype Triangle Numero 1, is made out of laser cutted MDF triangles assembled with wire. MDF is not really a human friendly material. Some people with sensitive skin, like myself, can get a rash from it. In addition, the T-shirt simply looks very uncomfortable. MDF triangle pieces are connected by a wire so the T-shirt does allow you to lift your arm etc, but why would you want to wear something that limits your body movement? You could try it on unless you want to feel how robot moves.

A T-shirt made out of a problematic material with movement limitations. Would you like to try it on?


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