Trampoline Walkway


Hiking through the woods has taken a whole new role in Russia with the 170 foot trampoline path.  Visitors to the forest can quickly and artfully bounce their way by, experiencing the forest in a new light.  See something in the canopy that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to view.  It is almost as if for a moment we are transformed into one of the birds flying above, soaring to new heights to get a glimpse from a vantage point one wouldn’t normally have.  What an interesting way to experience nature in a modern world.  However, I do wonder how one would use such a device.  In today’s fast paced society, would we just quickly bounce to get from A to B at a much faster rate and not even bother to pay attention to the serenity of the woods around us?  I would assume so.  There are however those of us that would use it to experience nature in a new and unique way, myself included.

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